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Important updates in the Community.

Mason Square TDI Partnership Announces Awardees for $200,000


November 6, 2023


Jeff Hamilton, President & CEO

Office: 413-739-4737 Ext. 106

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Mason Square TDI Partnership Announces Awardees for $200,000

Mason Square Small Business Activation Grant

Springfield, MA – The Mason Square TDI (Transformative Development Initiative) Partnership, a collaboration of community-based organizations, businesses, and residents committed to supporting equitable, sustainable, and economic growth in Mason Square, is excited to announce awardees for the Mason Square TDI Small Business Activation Grant Program. The program received $200,000 total in funding from MassDevelopment and the MassMutual Foundation to provide grants to small businesses, organizations, and groups in the Mason Square TDI District to support Company Branding & Storytelling, Digital Media & Web Presence, Place-based Brand Design & Implementation, and Placemaking Design & Activation.

The goals of the program are to elevate local business visibility in the district, increase customer visits to Mason Square businesses and organizations, support local businesses' economic growth, and establish Mason Square as a more walkable commercial corridor for Mason Square’s neighborhoods, the City of Springfield, and the Pioneer Valley.

Grants from the program ranged from $4,800 to $25,000, and all eligible small businesses within the Mason Square district were encouraged to apply. The grant program is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to receive the financial support and consulting services needed to increase their visibility and contribute to the economic growth of the community.

The grant period was open from June 26, 2023, to August 22, 2023. More details about the program can be found at this link:

Mason Square Small Business Activation Grant Awardees:

  1. Crispy Wings

  2. Panache Banquet Hall

  3. Olive Tree Books & Voices

  4. Level 5 Restaurant

  5. KingTees

  6. A1 Towing

  7. The Final Touch Barbershop

  8. Jen’s Organics


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